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I don't know why but I still feel a little heart broken. I was really wanting you and of course I went the insecure route because I was afraid to screw everything and low and behold I did. And after all was said and done instead of telling you what was really wrong from the beginning I just lashed out in the most immature way possible.

God, Im retarded.

Anyways...on a lighter note...I took in this poor abondoned cat that was hanging out on our wall. And it's like to SWEETEST cat ever. She just hangs out with me in my lap every chance she gets and is so affectionate! I love her already. Got a couple ideas on names so I have to get her a collar sometime soon.

And also...I have finally made it through drug court. I graduate Wednesday! Finally all of my legal problems are taken care of! YaY!

OMG Im turning into the cat lady at 23.

Fucking Lame!
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